Fume / Commercial Kitchen Extraction / Maintenance

Keeping your work area - kitchen refreshing and hygienic place to work.

Fume Extraction Breakdown/ Maintenance

Within the expertise of speed control and motion control enables HWL Technical Solutions to provide you with solutions to your problem. We have well trained Engineers who can work on small systems with for example 1.5 amp Speed controllers up to major systems using high power inverter systems and large heavy duty extraction systems


We can check for undue noise or vibration. Sometime cleaning the fan impeller can often cure vibration, but if the problem persists after cleaning, we will ensure we can diagnose and supply and fit a new fan and where possible we try to fit like for like to ensure a cost effective solutions. This is done with our vast knowledge in Fans and strong links with Fan Manufactures

We specialize in any fan from a small 240v small amperage wall mounted fan to a major three phase fans.

Speed Controller Operation:

If you have a speed controller fitted you should make sure that it is adjusted correctly. When the system was installed, the speed controller should be set and marked. Any damage to the controller could lead to failure of the fan but more important danger to your employee from Electric Shock.

If the failure occurs on a weekend or during service time this can escalate issues for the business. This is the time to call on our 24/7 service for help 07763291365

HWL and associates understand your needs though our years of experience and we will we offer a breakdown service as well as the general maintenance service to minimize emergency call outs, you can rely on us for routine services and also when things go wrong these services include:

  • Fan cleaning
  • Replacement fan units and motors
  • Replacement Speed controllers
  • Hood replacement lighting with the hood
  • Air flow testing
  • System upgrades
  • Canopy and flue cleaning
  • Filter cleaning program
  • Insurance and health compliance certificates HVCA TR19

System Fans and Speed Controllers

There are many different types of fan and speed controller that can be used to power your ventilation system. Your choice with be determined by the type of cooking you do, heat produced, the size of your system, the airflow rate needing to be produced, noise, reliability and cost. Not only can we advise you on the right fan but we can also source, install and maintain your fan and controller

Make your kitchen an enjoyable and safe environment for your employees to work in, and contract regular cleaning maintenance. The services which we provide at HWL are implemented by trained engineers.

Deep Cleaning

Did you know that your insurance could be invalid without a current HVCA TR19 certificate?

Our kitchen deep cleaning associates also fulfils the ever increasing Health and Safety regulations, issued by Fire Authorities, Environmental Health and the Health and Safety Executive.

Light use 2-6 hours/day 12 monthly
Moderate use 6-12 hours/day 6 monthly
Heavy use 12-16 hour/day 3 monthly

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Company for Kitchen Extraction Cleaning and Ductwork Cleaning In the UK

With membership of the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association ensures all work carried out is in compliance with TR19 regulations. As a company we are committed to offering our customers a reliable, professional and high quality kitchen deep cleaning service which not only meets, but frequently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our policy is to have dedicated teams servicing individual contracts, giving our clients the reassurance that their extraction system will be serviced by a regular team, thus maintaining consistency and quality throughout. Our senior technicians have high levels of practical experience in the extraction industry, and are fully trained in all aspects of the job, from surveying and assessing your specific requirements through to completion. Free Surveys

  • Free Risk Assessments
  • Free Quotations
  • Pre and Post-clean Photographic Records
  • HVCA Certification for Insurance Purposes
  • Kitchen Extraction Filter Service


If you require new filters please email or call us to discuss your needs and can offer you a quick solutions and supply you with new filters and all are provided with grips for easy removal and insertion. Appliances should be isolated before cleaning to avoid unfiltered air entering the system and depositing grease (causing a potential fire hazard). Depending on cooking load, filters should be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum working conditions. It is recommended that the filter and collection drawers are cleaned once a week to prevent accumulation of dirt, grease, grit, etc. Both mesh and baffle type filter cells are sized to facilitate their cleaning with any commercial dishwashing machine. Alternatively, soaking for 15 minutes in a warm degreasing agent can also clean mesh-type filters. DO NOT USE AGGRESIVE CLEANING SOLUTIONS.

New design and commissioning

HWL and associates work together to ensure you have the best kitchen canopy ventilation system, you not only enjoy an effective system that saves you energy, but its good looking too! We make our systems exclusively from branded stainless steel and plastisol colour coated ductwork. HWL and associates will provide with a commissioning for your next kitchen canopy project and enjoy the peace of mind of site survey, kitchen layout, plant design, manufacture and handover in professional engineering hands.

Our Canopy’s can include low energy lighting, variable rate fresh air and extract, inverter controls, and energy efficient heating to cater for the kitchen environment.

Within HWL AND associates we are equipped to offer a breakdown service as well as the general maintenance service to minimize emergency. We understand how the reliance kitchens have on their exhaust fans. With a sudden failure of fans can have a substantial impact on the operations of the kitchen, frequently resulting in closure of the area until the exhaust problem can be rectified?

Unlike many commercial kitchen installers HWL’s commitment doesn’t end after installation.

We stay for commissioning, ensuring that we have installed food service equipment and systems that really work for the way you use your kitchen.

Even in the long term our food service equipment team are always available to carry out repairs fast.

We welcome enquiries at any time. Our experienced members of the catering installation and design team are always on hand to answer questions.

Contact us us today to arrange a no obligation kitchen design survey and quotation.