Electric motor gearboxes and geared motor repairs

vibration monitoring service HWL Technical Solutions and associates have the capability for repairing different industrial gearboxes within a short amount of time. It is possible to rebuild and customize gear and also feasible with the experienced technicians to provide services of repair over motorized pulley, bearing failure, electrical fluting and seal leakage. Failure analysis and vibration examination, as well as putting modifications so as to prevent recurring failure of industrial gearbox, are also carried out. In addition, L&S Electric provides both in-house as well as on-site services such as oil, noise, and leakage as well as contamination analysis.

We have experience of overhauling and repairing most makes and types of geared-motors, such as SEW,TEC Pujol, Bonfiglioli, Renold, Rossi, David Brown, Fenner, Bauer, Nord, Rehfuss, STM. Geared units are completely stripped, cleaned and overhauled with all new seals and bearings.

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