Electronic system panel manufacturer

HWL Technical Solutions can provide a "turn-key" service this can be from design to installation and commissioning, Or upgrade an existing control system using modern technology to improve productivity and downtime. As we are based in the West Midland in Staffordshire we are ideally based to provide automated systems and control panels to all of the UK.

Control Panel Manufacture

HWL Technical Solutions can manufacture control panels tailor made to suit the customer’s needs. Variable speed drives Soft starts DOL, star-delta Relay controls PLC controls Operator interface Safety systems Within our data base and though our associates we can build any panel you require and have a wealth of expertise with a experienced team from the design Engineering, panel wires to commissioning engineers

Control Panel Types:

electronic system panelsThe above was a basic Standalone control Panel that we did for a large Garden centre which recycled its rain water within its recycling plant using the most cost effective programmable controller.

We manufacture control panels of all sizes, enclosed in a range of assemblies, such as floor standing enclosures with multiple doors and cable plinths, or multi section control panels for functional devices and individual isolation of equipment. Or if you simply require a small, single door control panel, we can manufacture it cost effectively and to customer specification.

Control Panel Starters

Control panels can take many forms for starting motors. We offer Direct-on-line starting as well as Star-Delta for single or 3-phase applications. Or if the application requires speed control, variable speed drives can be supplied. For high inertia loads, we can manufacture control panels fitted with variable speed drives or soft starters. These can be used to gently start the load over a period of time in order to keep starting currents down.

electronic system panels Our control panels can be manufactured with any variety of control systems. These systems will determine how and when the final switching actuators will operate. Control systems for simple, smaller applications can be of standard relay logic. Other, more complex control systems can be manufactured with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's). These PLC systems can be; rack PLC's, modular PLC's or micro PLC's.

The system shows was using Omron PLC for a large Pumping Station.

Control Panel Operator Interface

When we design and manufacture a control panel, we have the final user in mind, we don’t try and over engineer a system so it looks good . We ensure the operator interface is designed in such a way to ensure it is easy to use and follow. The operator interface can simply be some push buttons and indicators. Or if more information is required from the system, we can supply a Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI can be a touch screen or screen with function keys or a PC. The operator will be able to obtain information from the HMI, such as production reports and machine status information or read and alter system parameters.

Control Panel Documentation

All of our control panels come with full documentation, including; schematics, cable schedules, PLC listings, connection charts and I/O lists. We offer translation services from most Languages into English from European to Chinese Often the original machine manufacturer delivers the PLC system documented in the language of the country of supply. We specialise in translating the comments of the program into real English We have translated a complete brick making plant PLC from German into English. Others have been in depth software written in Mandarin which we have managed to translate to English We are able to quote for translation work both on PLC systems and Cad Drawings providing the maintenance department with working documents.

PLC Programming and PLC Program Modifications

We can write PLC programs for many different applications. Some typical PLC applications include: batching plants, stacking machines, palletizers, presses, strapping and wrapping machines, laser guided positioning. Those are some examples although we can provide PLC programming for nearly all process control.

As well as providing PLC programming for new processes, we can modify existing PLC programs to suite customers ongoing process developments. Other reasons for modification to existing PLC programs may be to improve productivity by optimizing processes.

PLC Program Backups

Most process control involves PLC controls. If you have a PLC running a machine, it is essential that a backup of the PLC program is made. This is in case of PLC failure, resulting in lengthy down time. We can offer a PLC backup service, this entails downloading the PLC program and making a hard copy of it or even uploading the program to a spare PLC, ready for exchange. More about this service can be viewed on our system back up section within our web site.

HMI Programming

Our PLC systems can be networked over a range of network protocols with many different Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s), such as touch or function screens or PC’s. We can provide HMI programming for a range of HMI manufacturers. Our HMI programs can include detailed production reports, downtime analysis, machine status information, parameter configuration and routine maintenance schedules.

Safety Systems

Machine operator safety is an important consideration in the manufacturing industry. We can design and install high integrity safety systems to your machinery to ensure the operators safety, without slowing production.

Such systems can include

Programmable safety PLC's and controllers Emergency Stops Light Curtains Safety Scanners Safety Mats Gate Switches and Interlocks.