Industrial pump repairs

electrical pump repairs HWL Technical Solutions and associates are able to repair and rebuild virtually all varieties of Centrifugal, Split case, Vertical Turbine and Submersible pumps. In addition to this, our in house machine shop has the capacity to manufacture components now scarcely available, such as Wear rings, Shafts, Bushings and Couplings.

A further service we offer is the restoration of Impellers, Pumps housings, Flanges, Column pipes and Discharge volutes. These restorations and repairs are made using the finest modern materials including the most advanced polymer composite coating systems available.

Perhaps you are experiencing suction or discharge cavitations on impellers? Heavy corrosion damage or perhaps the matter being pumped has aggressive erosive properties? HWL Technical Solutions high performance repairs and resurfacing polymer composites can help. We offer solutions that can enhance the longevity, performance and system efficiency of your apparatus.

We can remove, dismantle, report, overhaul, and refit to your instructions. Conversions from gland-packing to mechanical seal are a speciality.

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